New year beginning

Ok here is a new year that begins in our quest in trying to help you in your search for online traffic.

We are starting in the new year 2015. The more we look at things the harder it is to get things accomplished time goes by too fast. I have come across a great site lately, these people really look to help you on your quest to start a business online. You can go check them out at this link Wealthy Affiliate (Click HERE to have access to the site!). At this site, you will find genuine help, everyone that is there is willing to give you a hand. If you have a question someone will get you an answer. The great thing about this is that you can stay with this community for free if you don’t have a big budget. Then when things start to get better you can join in as a premium member where you get a lot more help.

The nice thing about this site is that the people there are real people with the same goal in mind, to help you succeed at what you are trying to achieve. Any time you have a question there is always someone that is available to give you a hand.

To start a business online there are two things that you have to keep in mind, you are going to need a website and you are going to need traffic. Once you are able to get people to your website you need to convince them that the product that you want to sell them is what they are going to get.

You will need to get a name for your site (domain name) before you can start building your site, always try to find a name that is relevant to the product that you want to sell or promote. A good place to start is with Name Cheap they have good rates. Then you will need to have a place to host your site (a place where people that search online can view your website), you can check out HostGator which also has good rates. When building your site you have to make sure that the information that you have on your site is relevant to the information or the product that you want to sell. Keywords are very important, these are words that people are most likely to use when they will be searching for something (if you check out my previous blog you will find links to a lot of the keyword help tools). They can be in form of a phrase or just simple words that they will input into the search engines. Having keywords placed in critical places on your webpage will get you more search results. This way when people do a search in a search engine like google or bing for the particular items that they are looking for that information will find the particular words in your page and post your page on the first page in the search results.

To get people to your site there are various ways that this can be achieved. The best thing is to have a niche or something that you have an interest in that will interest other people and convince them to come to check out your site. You go to these blog sites and you start a conversation about your interest. You try to find a way to incorporate your site address and get them to visit your site. You can do a search in any search engine platform and you will be able to find lots of blogging sites to start promoting your site.

I will try to be more productive in the further to help in your quest to have a better online presence. Until next time …

Thank you for visiting our website.
And Happy success online …. πŸ™‚